Personal effects

Cargo Club Forwarders, in addition to realize air, sea and land transportations, both nationally and internationally, since 2007 has its own warehouse.

It is located in the centre of Barcelona and consists of a ground floor with mezzanine, and three underground floors, fully equipped to keep all material.

The floors are connected from each other by an elevator.

Rates store

Operation details

  • Reception and stowing goods.
  • Preparation of inputs and outputs.
  • Location-item.
  • Palletizing and shrink, if necessary .


    Euro-pallet de madera 10€ / pallet (9,8 kg  120*80*13 cm) Euro-pallet de madera - Cargo Club Forwarders
    Euro-pallet de plástico 15€ / pallet (5,8 kg  120*80*16 cm) Euro-pallet de plastico - Cargo Club Forwarders
    Medio Euro-pallet de plástico 10€ / pallet (3,2 kg    60*80*13 cm) Medio Euro-pallet de plastico - Cargo Club Forwarders

    Cajas de cartón

    Caja de cartón pequeña 3€ / caja (30*39*30 cm) Caja cartón pequeña - Cargo Club Forwarders
    Caja de cartón grande 5€ / caja (77*47*47 cm) Caja cartón grande - Cargo Club Forwarders


    Paletizado y retractilado palet pequeño 16 €
    Paletizado y retractilado palet grande 28 €