Servicios / Transporte Aéreo



Institute Cargo Clauses

(Proximate Cause)




Stranding, Grounding, Sinking or Capsizing Yes Yes * Yes *
Overturning or Derailment of Land Conveyance Yes Yes * Yes *
Collision of Ship or Craft with another Ship or Craft Yes Yes * Yes *
Contact of Ship, Craft or Conveyance with anything other than Ship or Craft (excludes Water but not Ice) Yes Yes * Yes *
Discharge of Cargo at Port of Distress Yes Yes * Yes *
Fire or Explosion Yes Yes * Yes *
Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption or Lightning Yes Yes * No
Malicious Damage Yes No ** No **
Theft/Pilferage Yes No No
General Average Sacrifice Yes Yes Yes
Jettison Yes Yes Yes
Washing Overboard (deck cargo) Yes Yes No
War Risks (except Piracy) Yes No No
Takings at Sea (except War Risks) Yes No No
Seawater entering Ship, Craft, Hold, Conveyance Container Lift Van or Place of Storage Yes Yes No
River or LakeWater entering same Yes Yes No
Loss overboard during Loading/Discharge (total loss only) n/a Yes No
Any risks of physical loss or damage not specified Yes No No