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Cargo Club Forwarders

Cargo Club Forwarders began its trajectory in 1999. Currently, its headquarters are located in Barcelona, and it also has offices in Madrid and Valencia.

We work with an extensive network of agents around the world, with whom we maintain an excellent relationship. We also collaborate with airlines, shipping companies and road transport agencies that guarantee us the best service.


The management of each shipment

We make sure that shipments follow the safest and fastest route, to be delivered in the shortest possible time, applying the most competitive rates in the market, and always adapting to the needs of our customers.

We know that the management of each shipment can be a challenge, so our team of professionals makes use of the most advanced technological systems to obtain accurate information about the situation and status of each shipment.

Years Of Experience
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Annual Shipments

Our fórmula

Wide and consolidated network of logistic contacts worldwide.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the transportation (air, sea and land) of goods to any point in the world. 20 years of know-how that allows us to send the product to complex destinations that require a high administrative knowledge to introduce the different types of products.

Agility in resolving incidents.

Specialization has led us to a deep knowledge of the product we transport. This allows us to respond and resolve incidents quickly and effectively.

Safety in shipments

We use approved packaging that prevents breakage and provides adequate conditions to maintain product temperature, thus reducing the number of incidents.

Team professionalism and innovative character

Cargo Club has a constant concern to improve the experience of our clients, expanding services, improving materials, and diversifying destinations.

Our Team

Headed by our CEO, Montserrat Nomen I Brotons, Ms. Nomen built the company from scratch to what it is today, helped by her team formed by highly qualified personnel, with a solid experience in air and sea traffic, as well as in road transport, we speak different languages: English, French, Russian, Arabic, and Italian, apart from Spanish and Catalan, allowing an easy communication link between agents and clients.

Board Of Directors

Montserrat Nomen Brotons



Encarni Pastrana Rizzo



Oriol Nomen



David Merci



Traffic Department

Judith Aliaga

Air Department


Oleksandr Krysiateskyi

Air Department


Zolang López

Sea Department


Susana Uroz

Sea Department


Comercial and Pricing

Carmen Rodríguez

Team Leader Pricing


Abdessalam Charia

Route Development Manager


Leslie Pozzo

Seafreight Pricing


Guillermo Quispe

Ro-Ro Departament