The Freight Club Conference 2014

The Freight Club Conference 2014 Malaysia

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Dear Friends,

By this time, we hope that all of you are back home safely.

It has been a pleasure to see you in Penang.
We hope that all the effort that was put into the organization of the 2014 conference has helped you accomplish business with other participants, as well as get some time to relax and enjoy with friends.

If you have any pictures, please send them to us as we would like to make them available to all of our members and friends.

Additionally, we would like to mention that it has been a pleasure to meet our new members:

Mr. Samir Benmannsour from Loadline in Morocco
Mr. Michael George from HKSA Logistix Private Limited in India
Ms. Montse Nomen from Cargo Club in Spain
Mr. Peter Shalda from JCA Transport LLC in United States
Mr. Andrew Hegeman from International Freight Management in Australia
Mr. Makari from Makari Freight Services in Lebanon
Mr. Paul and Mr. Marc from Triangle World Wide in Malaysia

Also, we appreciate the participation at our annual conference of our guests:

Mr. Peter Pal from Goods Agency Logistics in Cambodia and
Mr. Eddie Wu from HD Logistics in China

We look forward to seeing you again and let us know if we can help you with anything.

Best Regards,

Luis Gonzalez & Fernanda Burga